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Displaying duplicate categories and threads on "Add to any Website" dialog and "Add to Netvibes" dialog



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add Message Boards portlet to a page.
      2. Create a category and a thread on the root category.
      3. Click Options > Configuration > Sharing > Any Website.
      4. Check "Allow users to add Message Boards to any website.".
      5. Save it.
      6. Click Netvibes.
      7. Check "Allow users to add Message Boards to Netvibes pages.".
      8. Save it.
      9. Close message boards configuration dialog.
      10. Click Options > Add to any Website.
      11. Refresh the page.
      12. Click Options > Add to Netvibes.

      Expected result:
      There should be displaying one category and one thread on Add to any Website dialog and Add to Netvibes dialog.
      A link with the instructions and url to share the portlet should appear on the dialog. See the attached file from ee-6.1-GA2

      Actual result:
      Displaying duplicate categories and threads. See the attached files.


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