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Changes to Message Board Email Configuration in Site Template not Propagated



      Issue In sites created using a site template, changes to the email configuration within a message board in the site template are not propagated to the sites. The site's message board will continue use the email notification settings that were in place when the site was initially created.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1.) Create a site template and

      • - a.) Uncheck "Allow Site Administrators to Modify the Pages Associated with This Site Template "
        2.) Open site template and add a Message Board portlet to the Home page
        3.) In Configuration, Edit "Email From" and "Message Added Email"
        4.) From the control panel, create an organization with a site based on the template.
      • - a.) Check "Enable propagation of changes from the site template."
        5.) Open Site pages
        6.) Subscribe to Message Board and Post New Thread
        7.) Check email listed in the configuration from the site template
        8.) Return to site template and make changes to the email configuration
      • - a.) change email address, or
      • - b.) change Name, or
      • - c.) etc.
        9.) Return to the site created in step 4 and post a new thread to the Message Board
        10.) Check email, note that the email received still reflects the original site template configuration and does not follow the updates to the configuration, so the changes to the site template were NOT propagated to the site created using this template.


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