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After a user adds Web Content in Site Admin, when viewing in Recent or Mine the content shows up twice


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      UI Sprint 39


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add site role
      2. Define permissions for the role with:
        • Site Admin > Content > General Permissions > Access in Site Admin
        • Site Admin > Content > Resource Permissions > Web Content > Add Web Content
      3. Create a user, assign the user to the site and site role
      4. Login as the user, and add web content
      5. Click Recent / Mine after adding web content

      Expected results:
      There should only be one viewable web content

      Actual results:
      The web content that was added by the user appears twice. The user will only see one web content if he also has the Site Admin > Content > Resource Permissions > Web Content Article > View permission. Although it appears that a user that has the Add Web Content permission in most if not all use cases would also have the permission to view the article, this is a bug nonetheless.


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