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Shopping cart items are added my name instead of by SKU



      If two items have the same name but different SKU, only one item can be added to the cart, it is impossible to add the other item.

      Reproduction Steps

      • Add Shopping portlet to a page
      • Add an item with SKU: “test item 1”, name: “test item”, stock: 100, price: 100
      • Add another item with SKU: “test item 2”, name: “test item”, stock: 100, price: 100
      • Click on “test item 1” and add it to shopping cart
      • Return to the items view, click on “test item 2” and add it to the shopping cart.
      • Click on the cart tab to view the added items
      • EXPECTED: two items, “test item 1” and “test item 2” with a quantity of 1 each.
      • ACTUAL: one item on cart, “test item 1”, with a quantity of 2.

      If “test item 2 “ is added to the cart before “test item 1”, then only “test item 2” can be added. This potentially means that if there are several items with the same name, only one of them can be added and trying to add the others will result in an update in the quantity of the first item added.




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