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Can not import Blogs portlet with global ADT to another Blogs portlet


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a Blogs portlet to a page.
      2. Edit the Blogs portlet configuration.
      3. Apply the example global ADT for Blogs (Basic).
      4. Select the Export/Import option for the Blogs portlet.
      5. Confirm the Display Template is set to the Global Basic template and click Export.
      6. Download the generated lar file.
      7. After exporting the portlet, remove the example global ADT for Blogs.
      8. Create a new site and add a page.
      9. Add the Blogs portlet to the page.
      10. Select the Export/Import option for the Blogs portlet.
      11. Drag & Drop the lar file obtained in step 7 into the box, click continue, continue and import.

      Expected result:
      The Blogs portlet is imported successfully and the Blogs Basic ADT is copied to the target site.

      Actual result:
      Unable to import Blogs portlet. Displaying following messages on the import page.
      The file Blogs-201310290714.portlet.lar cannot be imported.
      There are missing references that could not be found in the current site. Please import another LAR file containing the following elements:
      Dynamic Data Mapping Template: Basic(Referenced by a Portlet: Blogs)


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