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The configuration of certain portlets is not propagated from a site template to the site



      This problem has been reproduced in Message Boards, Document Library and Blogs

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Add the Message Boards (or any of the other portlets) to a Site Template
      2) Create a site called "Site LPS-41844 based on the Site Template". Check that the message boards is in the correct page and with the same configuration than in the site template
      3) Change the configuration of the portlet in the template. It's better to pick a configuration setting that produces a visual impact, since it's easier to verify its effect. For example, in Message Boards go to the RSS tab and uncheck it.
      4) Verify that the RSS link no longer appears in the portlet
      5) Go to the site page where the portlet is placed
      Result: The RSS link is still displayed. This shows that the preferences were not propagated
      Expected: The configuration should have been propagated and as a result the RSS link should not be shown.

      Workaround: If a portlet is moved and then placed back on the same location the propagation is fired.


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                  Version Package
                  6.1.X EE
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