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Importing Site LAR with content associated to an Asset Publisher portlet will not import


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add two pages: 'wcd page' and 'ap page'
      2. On wcd page, add a WCD portlet
      3. On ap page, add an AP portlet
      4. Add a Basic WC article through WCD portlet
      5. In AP configuration, set it as the Default Asset Publisher for this page, and select View in Context in Asset Link Behavior
      6. In WCD portlet, edit the content, giving it the ap page as its Display Page
      7. In Admin > Pages, click Export to export the Site
        • Choose a memorable/distinct file name for the LAR and click Export
        • Save this LAR file
      8. Shutdown tomcat, clear the browser cache, delete the db, make a new db
      9. Startup tomcat
      10. Login, navigate to Admin > Pages, click Import
        • Select the saved LAR file

      Expected result:
      User will be able to import the Site LAR without issue.

      Actual result:
      LAR Importer iframe gives a "...cannot be imported" message, saying there are missing references. See attached screenshot.


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