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Error message in Web Content Display portlet should not appear for Guest user



      1. Create a web content article and publish it
      2. Add a Web Content Display portlet to a page
      3. Configure the WCD portlet to display the article created in step 1.
      4. Go to Control Panel, and delete the web content article (Move to Recycle Bin)
      5. Navigate back to the page and verify error message in WCD portlet that the article no longer exists
      6. Sign out of the portal, and as Guest user navigate to the page again

      Result: the error message will be displayed for the Guest user also.

      (If you still have the article displayed after deleting it, clear all the caches from Control Panel.)

      This behavior can be confusing if someone who is not logged in navigates to the page for the first time and sees the error message right away.

      When a WCD portlet is placed on a page but not yet configured to display any article, or we do not delete just expire all versions of the article, then the behavior is that the entire portlet is hidden from the page for the Guest user, and the error/info message is only visible for users who can configure the portlet. This is the expected behavior also for the case when the article got deleted.


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