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Web Content Display portlet displays Web Content the user does not have view permission for when staging is enabled



      Steps to reproduce/Testing done

      1. Start Liferay
      2. Go to Control Panel > Users & Organizations
      3. Create a new user and add it to the default Liferay site
      4. Enable Local Staging with Page Versioning enabled for Public and Private pages
      5. Go to Control Panel > Web Content
      6. Add a new web content article
      7. Remove the View permissions of the web content article from Site Member and Guest roles
      8. Go to Control Panel > Site Pages
      9. Great a new Private Page
      10. View the new page created and add a Web Content Display Portlet
      11. Configure the WCD Portlet to show the Web Content created earlier
      12. Mark the page as Ready for Publication
      13. Publish to live ensuring that the Permissions are pushed
      14. Impersonate or login as the new user created earlier
      15. Notice that the web content is visible in the WCD Portlet on the private page


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