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Portlet preferences lost after putting the same portlet on other page


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.1.30 EE GA3, 6.1.X EE
    • Fix Version/s: 6.1.X EE
    • Component/s: Site Templates
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    • Environment:
      Tomcat 7 + Oracle 11g. Portal 6.1.x EE GIT ID: a3a523b0086f60f246c7a5e534ffe576f03cf332.


      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Create a Site Template st1
      2. Add two pages to the site template: p1 and p2 with the option "Allow Site Administrators to Modify This Page for Their Site" checked
      3. Add a portlet to p1 where it is possible to set preferences, but make sure you don't specify any preferences! (You can use the attached portlet)
      4. Create a site s1 linked to the given site template st1
      5. Go to s1 / p1 (with the specific portlet on)
      6. Modify the preferences for the portlet, verify that they have been applied
      7. Go back to the site template, and go to p2
      8. Add a portlet to st1 / p2. (This is needed so that when we get back to site, the site template is being re-applied)
      9. Go back to s1 / p1

      Result: Notice that the set preferences are lost.

      On 6.2.x LPS-35835 and LPS-37542 solve this issue, but they contain too many changes and thus they aren't directly backportable to 6.1.x.


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