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When Structure fields are marked as Required, if the user wants to edit any default values for that structure, they must also input something into the required field value



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a Structure with text, text box and html fields
        • Mark each field as Required
      2. Add a Template according to that Structure
      3. In the Structures menu, by the Structure, click Actions > Edit Default Values
      4. Add something into two of the three fields and Save

      Expected result:
      User will be able to save the Structure's Edited Default Values without needing to fill the required fields, because a content isn't being published now.

      Actual result:
      User must add some content into the required fields in order to Save the edited default values. This behavior occurs with all fields where content is entered in (Text, Text Box, Decimal, Integer, Number) each, except for the HTML field.

      Note: This issue doesn't affect DDL because a Data Definition can be edited directly in the ddm field editor, but can't have its default values edited through the Actions button (and doesn't employ the same Abstract, Categorization, etc., meta-data fields as WC articles do).


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