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recurrence in workflow xml accepts second as scale but event will not run




      User can upload a workflow xml for kaleo, which has a recurrence event with second as scale.
      Portal parses the xml without any complaints and creates a cron-text for the event.

      Excerpt from the recurrence-minute.xml file


      Check the <scale> tags. The attached recurrence-second.xml contains
      <scale>second</scale> for <recurrence> and <duration>10</duration>

      steps to reproduce

      1. start Liferay portal
      2. add Blogs portlet to a page
      3. deploy Kaleo-web plugin
      4. upload the attached workflow xml file: "recurrence_minute.xml"
        1. admin -> control panel -> Workflow -> upload definition
        2. after upload, "RecurrenceMinute" should appear in the list
      5. set up workflow for blog entries
        1. control panel -> Sites -> Liferay -> Configuration -> Workflow configuration
        2. select "RecurrenceMinute" for "Blogs Entry"
      6. Add a blog entry with blogs portlet
      7. check the logs, it should work
        • After 7 seconds, the first "===OK!===" will be on the logs.
        • After every 1 minute, a new "===OK!===" will be on the logs.
      8. approve the tasks to stop write messages in the log
        1. My Account -> My Workflow Tasks
        2. click on Actions->ConnectorXXX for every item
      9. upload the attached workflow xml file: "recurrence_second.xml"
      10. "RecurrenceSecond" should appear in the workflow-list
      11. set up this new workflow for "Blogs entry"
      12. Add a blog entry with blogs portlet
      13. check the logs:
        • After 7 seconds, the first "===OK!===" will be on the logs.

      Experienced behaviour

      There will be no more "===OK!===" messages in the log

      Expected behaviour

      There should be a new "===OK!===" message in every 10 seconds in the log

      Possible cause

      CronText.java does not care about seconds (probably there is a bug about years also when creating crontexts)
      DurationScale.java->getIntegerValue does not care about "seconds".
      It also does not care about "week" in parse method.


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