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Some content may not get exported/published even if all content checkbox is selected



      If a PortletDataHandlerBoolean is false then in the content section of the publish/export screen under selected content the rendered checkbox (for the given entitry) is there, but not checked. This will cause the selected entity not to get published or exported even if the all content radio is selected.

      1. Modify the BlogsPortletDataHandler (portal-impl/src/com/liferay/portlet/blogs/lar) where we add the PortletDataHandlerBoolean. Set the first "true" to "false".
      2. Build and start the portal.
      3. Set up local staging, make sure to enable to blogs also.
      4. Add a blogs portlet and add a blog.
      5. Go to publish to live. Under content section, assert that if you select choose content, under the blog portlet, the entities are NOT selected (checked).
      6. Select all content.
      7. Publish.

      Expected: All content gets published.
      Actual: The unselected (not checked) content are not getting published.

      We were talking about this with Daniel and Máté and came to the decision that the fix in the backend would require a lot of refactoring, so instead, we have to check those unchecked boxes manually IF all content is selected.

      Ps.: Although we use the PortletDataHandlerBoolean with default true, it is possible to create it with false, which will cause the mentioned problem.


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