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Images not converted to pdf in WebContent Display



      Iam required to create a webcontent with an image in it. If i turn on the "Convert to PDF" configuration for the Webcontent display and then click on PDF link, i get a pdf opened which shows all the textual contents , but does not show the image content... This is the same behaviour even if i convert it to any other type open office file. Iam using 5.2.3

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a WebContent Display portlet to a page
      2. Click on the 'Add Web Content' button
      3, Add a smiley in the box that allows you to add unstructured webcontent. Also add some random text
      4 Save and Approve it
      5) The page to which you added the webcontent will display the smiley and text
      6) Click on congifure button
      7) Check the 'Convert to PDF' button (assuming you have done the necessary config for enabling Open office ie.e running soffice and enabling openoffice in Server Admin page )
      8) Click on "Return to Full Page" link
      9) Click on the PDF link for the webcontent display.

      Actual result:
      The PDF opens and displays the text that was in the Webcontent but does not display the smiley (any image)

      Expected result:
      The PDF displays all the web content as it is in the display




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