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Related Assets portlet does not display assets by category



      When local staging is enabled with page versioning, the related assets portlet does not function correctly as its filter/group by vocab/categories feature does not work in the live site.
      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Enable local staging with page versioning enabled for both public and private pages
      2. Add an asset vocabulary “Vocab 1”
      3. Add an asset category “Cat 1” under “Vocab 1”
      4. Add a web content “Web Content 1”
      5. Add a web content “Web Content 2”
      6. While editing “Web Content 2”, select “Cat 1” under “Vocab 1” in the categorization page
      7. Select “Web Content 1” as a related asset for “Web Content 2”
      8. Save “Web Content 2”
      9. Create a private page “Page 1”
      10. Add an Asset Publisher portlet on “Page 1”
      11. Configure Asset Publisher portlet to manually retrieve the “Web Content 1” web content with the following settings:
      Asset Selection : Manual
      Display Style : Full Content
      12. Add a Related Assets portlet on “Page 1”
      13. Configure the Related Assets portlet to retrieve any type of assets that contains the “Cat 1” category and choose display style “Title List”
      14. Refresh “Page 1”
      15. Observe that “Web Content 2” is NOT shown in the Related Assets portlet on “Page 1” in the staging site

      expected behavior: related asset is displayed

      actual behavior: nothing is displayed in the related assets portlet


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