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Custom Titles in some portlets show 2 names when accessed through Look and Feel



      When a user attempts to make a custom title for some portlets, they will find there are 2 titles already. It can be confusing when the user deletes the first and the second will display. There should only be 1 title. It's very easy to work around by just deleting both titles.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a portlet like Asset Publisher to the page
      2. Click Options > Look and Feel
      3. Check the box to enable Custom Title
      4. Assert there are 2 titles

      Expected result:
      There should only be 1 title and if the user changes that then it will display. There should only be 1 title.

      Actual result:
      There are 2 titles and sometimes the second will be really far away from the first so the user may not notice it. There should only be 1 title.


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