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Data entered with DDL Form Templates with with fields grouped in fieldSets is not saved and is lost



      Consider the following DDL Data Definition:

      • First Name (text)
      • Last Name (text)
      • Email (text)
      • Favorite Liferay Developer (text)

      Creating a new DDL list based on this definition, and displaying it on a page via the DDL Display portlet works as expected - users can enter new records using the default form template and displayed properly using the default display template.

      But if a custom form template is used which puts one or more fields within a fieldset, when users enter new records, the fields in the fieldset are lost and never recorded.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a DDL definition as above (with 4 fields)
      2. Place it on a page using DDL Display portlet, enter a record, observe all 4 fields are correctly displayed.
      3. Create a custom DDL form, and in that form add a fieldset and place the firstname and lastname fields within the fieldset, so it looks like the screenshot. Configure the DDL Display Portlet to use this form when entering new records.
      4. Enter a new record using this custom form, and observe that the fields within the fieldset are not remembered or displayed (you can also observe in the database that the values are never saved). See the second screenshot showing blank cells for those fields that were contained within a fieldset.

      Note this sounds suspiciously like LPS-23689


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