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Users without permission can access to Application Display Templates Add form



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new user.
      2. Sign in as the new user.
      3. Navigate to user's My Profile.
      4. Go to Admin > Configuration > Applications Display Templates.
      5. Verify the user does not have permissions to add a template.
      6. Navigate to user's My Profile.
      7. Add Asset Publisher portlet.
      8. Click Options > Configuration > Setup > Display Settings > Manage Display Templates for user's name.
      9. Click +Add > Asset Publisher Template.
      10. Fill out name and script.
      11. Save.
      12. Get "You do not have the required permissions." message.

      Expected result:
      The user should not see +Add link on Application Display Tempaltes window.

      Actual result:
      The user can access to Application Display Templates Add format even though he does not have permissions.


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