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Chat Portlet - message display time sometimes exceeds current system time


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      While two users are chatting, the received message display time in chat box sometimes exceeds the current system time.

      Steps to reproduce :
      1) Deploy chat portlet into portal
      2) Create 2 users - user1 and user2
      3) Open 2 browsers and log in with each of them
      4) Start chatting

      Actual Behavior:
      Sometimes we'll see the received message display time exceeds the current system time (See attached screenshot, you also see the seconds is because I did that for debugging)
      PS : The issue is easier to replicate while sending message by the end of a minute

      Expected Behavior:
      The message display time should not exceed current system time, it shows the current time at most

      The root cause is that when a user logs in and starts a chat, an offset will be calculated and set. This offset can be several seconds to even minutes.

      _getOffset: function() {
      	var instance = this;
      	var offset = instance._offset;
      	if (Lang.isUndefined(offset)) {
      		var currentChatServerTime = A.one('#currentChatServerTime').val() || now();
      		offset = now() - currentChatServerTime;
      		instance._offset = offset;
      	return offset;

      When converting to client timestamp, the display time is added by the offset. Sometimes this could exceed current system time.

      _convertToClientTimestamp: function(time) {
      	var instance = this;
      	time = Number(time);
      	time += instance._getOffset();
      	return time;


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