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As Site Member I can't add a non-instanceable portlet to my customized view if the portlet was added to the default view by the admin and member doesn't have it in his customized view



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. As Admin in Site1: Create a page (page1) with two columns, and set the column on the left as customizable (edit page -> customizable sections -> and check the left column)
      2. As Admin: Create an user (member1) and set as member of the Site1.
      3. As Admin: Add the AssetPublisher portlet (instanceable) and the Language portlet (non-intanceable) to the default view.
      4. As member1: Customize your view adding another kind of portlet, for example, Web Content Display. Also, remove the Language portlet.
      5. As member1: You decide to add again the Language portlet to your customized view.

      Result: the last step is not possible.

      Expected: user can add the portlet again because it isnt in his customized view.

      Workaround: the member can reset his view to retrieve the language portlet and start the customization again.


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