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Globally Scoped Web Content Articles displayed in a Web Content Display Portlet should be viewed in Context from the Search Portlet



      Issue: If you search for Web Content documents in the Search Portlet, the method of displaying those articles from the Search Portlet is by the Article's Group ID. Thus, if an article is scoped to a Site, then that Web Content article will display in that Site if it is published there (e.g. Web Content Display Portlet).

      However, if a document is in the Global Scope, all Web Content articles will display in maximized Asset Publishers since there is no Site to display that content in.

      It would be nice if globally scoped Web Content articles that are published in a Web Content Display Portlet on Site page are displayed in that Web Content Display Portlet from the Search Portlet, rather than in the maximized Asset Publisher.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create two sites each with one page: Site A and Site B
      2. Put Web Content Display Portlets on each Site
      3. Create articles for each Web Content Display Portlet: On Site A name the article Test A. On Site B name it Test B. Make sure the articles are scoped to the Site they are displayed on (e.g. Test A is scoped to Site A, and Test B is scoped to Site B).
      4. In the Control Panel, create a Web Content article in the Global Scope. Name it Test Global.
      5. Put another Web Content Display Portlet on Site A and publish Test Global in that portlet.
      5. Put a Search Portlet on Site A
      6. On Site A, search for the keyword Test
      7. All three articles should appear in the Search Results: Open all of the articles
      8. Notice that Test A and Test B open in their Web Content Display Portlets on the Sites that they are published on, but Test Global is opened in a maximized Asset Publisher.




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