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Web Content: "assetentry.publishdate" is not updated correctly with the latest version of "journalarticle.displaydate"


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      If you follow the steps:

      Test 1:

      1. Create a web content with a future display date
      2. Add an asset publisher in the home page
      3. The web content does not appears in the list (works fine)

      The "journalarticle.displaydate" is saved with the correct display date and the "assetentry.publishdate" is empty.

      Test 2:

      1. Create another web content and publish it
      2. The web content appears in the list
      3. Change this last web content's display date, put a future date (you don't want the web content to appear in the asset publisher list)
      4. The asset still appears in the asset publisher (error)
      5. In the server administration: reindex, clear caché, etc, etc... It still appears.
      9. If you do a search, this web content is showed

      The new entry(new version) in "journalarticle.displaydate" is saved with the correct display date and the "assetentry.publishdate" has the old value, is not updated with the new display date.

      This is a problem, specially when you realize that a content it's wrongly published and you want to publish not today but another day in the future, and the content stills appears published.

      It is annoying because when you publish it, you can't save it as a draft, then this article always appears. You have to delete it to create the new article and that's giving a lot of work to the redactors.

      Test 3:

      1. You edit a created content web trough the asset publisher portlet or the administration web content site.
      2. The most times the "assetentry.publishdate" is not updated correctly with the latest version of "journalarticle.displaydate"

      It is a problem because the asset publisher shows the wrong values of this field.


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