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Minifier failed on Sign In as Guest with French locale



      MinifierUtil fails to process Javascript source when an unauthenticated user wants to sign in as Guest. The issue occurs only for locales that employ message strings containing apostrophe characters (e.g. the French locale).

      The issue has its root in the message localization logic. An unescaped apostrophe from the localized message text makes the Javascript string end prematurely. The remaining part likely causes syntax error.

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Add the Web Content Display portlet to the Site
        1. Enable comments at the gear icon
        2. Add a test web content
      2. Add the Language portlet to the Site
      3. Log out of the Portal
      4. Switch language to French
      5. Add a comment to web content
        1. Click the link next to "Aucun commentaire"
        2. Write some "Commentaire"
        3. Click "Répondre en tant que"
      6. Sign In as Guest
        1. Click "Invité"
        2. Enter some name, email and the verification code
        3. Click "Sauver"
      7. Catalina log will contain error lines like:
        10:13:41,418 ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-95][MinifierUtil:101] 40: 34: missing ; before statement


      Inpired by LPS-42710 and others, I switched to UnicodeLanguageUtil from the plain LanguageUtil in the Login portlet's login_redirect.jsp.


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