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Lucene ClusterLink Replication fails in SSL only environment



      Short description of the client’s issue:
      During a Lucene Reindex with Liferay ClusterLink enabled, the reindex will fail with a method not invoked.

      This issue occurs within an environment in which HTTP traffic is disabled (SSL only)

      			InetAddress inetAddress = clusterNode.getInetAddress();
      			URL url = new URL(
      				"http", inetAddress.getHostAddress(), clusterNode.getPort(),

      Steps to reproduce / testing done:
      1) Setup two Tomcat application servers (with Liferay installed) for SSL using:


      2) Ensure that within the server.xml files that the HTTP connector is commented out. Only the HTTPS connector should be available. (If using both nodes on the same machine, make sure the connector ports are unique)

      3) Add the following properties to both nodes (make sure they are using the same database) to enable cluster link and lucene replication:

      # Clusterlink Properties

      4) Add the following plugins for the nodes:

      5) Startup both nodes.

      6) On Node 1:

      • Add the 'Add Users' and 'Pages' portlets to the page
      • Create a few test users and pages (default settings are fine)

      7) Navigate to Control Panel -> Server Administration -> Reindex all search indexes.

      8) On the first node, once indexing is complete, you should see this message.

      21:20:12,946 INFO [com.liferay.portlet.admin.action.EditServerAction-1][EditServerAction:951] Monitor thread name com.liferay.portlet.admin.action.EditServerAction-1 with thread ID 136 unlocked latch. Notified peers to start index loading.

      9) On the second node, you should see a message in which the method failed to invoke.


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