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Request for the ability to set the default "Viewable By" permission on new Assets (e.g. Doc Lib, Web Content, Message Boards, Blogs)



      Issue: When creating a new Asset, under the Permissions section there is a dropdown menu to select the view permissions on the new entry. By default, this is set to "Anyone (Guest Role)" if the Site only has Public Pages and it is set to "Site Members" if the Site has Private Pages as well. The Viewable By value can be changed via the dropdown. However, it would be nice to have the ability to configure the default option set without having to delete Private Pages (or add Private Pages) to a Site. The ability to configure this would aid since at this time you have to rely on users to make this change themselves.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. On a page, place a Message Boards Portlet
      2. In that Portlet, select "Post New Thread"
      3. In the new Message, navigate to the Permissions section and note that the default option is "Viewable by Anybody (Guest)"




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