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Web content structures HTML field with hyphen in name property does not render



      Steps to reproduce this issue:

      1. On the Dockbar, navigate to Admin > Site Administration > Content.
      2. In the displayed Web Content page, navigate to Manage > Structures.
      3. Click Add, enter ‘Test Structure’ as the structure’s name and drag an HTML field into the grey area on the right.
      4. Configure the added HTML field, enter ‘test-name’ as the value of its Name property, and then click Save to create a new structure.
      5. Go back to the Web Content page mentioned in step 2 and click ‘Test Structure’ in the Add drop-down list.

      Excepted result: Should be able to add web content with structure test-name

      Actual result: You can not add a web content with structure with test-name and whole js will display on the end.


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