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Export/Import of categories does not work



      When a new site is created with categories, and something (like an asset publisher) references them, if you export the site and then re-import, it fails with an error about missing references due to missing categories. steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new site
      2. Add a single vocabulary with a single category
      3. Create a piece of web content on the site, and categorize it with the category created in step 2
      4. Add an asset publisher portlet to one of the site's pages, and configure the AP to show assets in that category only.
      5. Export the site's public pages from Site Admin->Pages->Export
      6. Create a new (blank) site
      7. Attempt to import the LAR file from step 5 (Site Admin->Pages->Import), observe failure (see screenshots)

      Workaround: remove Category missing-references element from manifest.xml (inside of LAR file) before import.

      Another potential workaround: manually create missing categories and vocabularies before import.


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