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Shopping Cart breaks when 4000 multibyte characters are added to comment field when Oracle Database is in use



      Issue: Liferay's UI allows users to enter 4000 characters into a text box with the Shopping Portlet, but Oracle has a 4000 multibyte limit for Varchar2 fields that conflicts with this character limit. This leads to the Portlet not being available when this multibyte limit is breached.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Configure Liferay to use Oracle 11 as the database
      2. Add the Shopping Portlet to a Page
      3. Select Add Item and in the Window that opens, fill in the fields SKU, Name, and up the Stock Quantity to 1. Hit 'Save'
      4. Select the item that you just created and select "Add to Shopping Cart"
      5. In the Window that opens, hit Checkout
      6. Fill in your Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Credit Card info
      7. In the Comments box, enter the text in the attached text document

      Expected Result: The order is processed
      Actual Result: Receive message that the Shopping Portlet is temporarily unavailable.

      If Oracle is not used as the database, this issue does not occur.


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