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URL can become too long for IE8 when using the asset publisher



      Issue: The Edit button the asset publisher that have a URL path above 2048 do not work in IE8.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new Site named 'testSite'
      2. Navigate to testSite>Site Settings>Site URL
      3. Enter the Friendly URL /very-very-long-friendly-website-url and hit 'Save'
      4. Navigate to testSite>Site Pages
      5. Add a new page named 'testPage'
      6. For the Friendly URL of testPage, enter /welcome-to-subscription-page and hit 'Save'
      7. Navigate to testPage and select Add>Applications>Asset Publisher
      8. Select the Configuration Wrench on the Asset Publisher>Configuration
      9. Under Asset Type select 'Web Content' and select 'Save'
      10. In the Asset Publisher select Add>Web Content
      11. In the dialog box that opens to create the Web Content, title the document "Web Content with a very very very very very very very very long title" and select "Publish"
      12. Create another piece of Web Content in the Asset Publisher and name it "Short Title". Publish it.
      13. In IE8 select 'Edit' next to the Web Content "Short Title" and the dialog box opens to edit the Web Content
      14. In IE8 select 'Edit' next to the Web Content "Content for demonstration and testing purposes of Liferay features"


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