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Localized string expando throws ClassCastException



      With the latest 6.2 Portal, CE and EE+all patches, I'm getting an ClassCastException when using an expando with STRING_LOCALIZED as its type.

      1. Add an expando for "Site" of type "Localized Text" in the Admin Panel
      2. Go to site configuration -> custom fields of any site
      3. Change the value to something like "


      " or simply do nothing and click on the save button

      A stacktrace like this will appear in console:

      ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-1][render_portlet_jsp:132] null
      java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Map
         at com.liferay.portlet.expando.service.impl.ExpandoValueLocalServiceImpl.addValue(ExpandoValueLocalServiceImpl.java:546)
      So it's reffering to this file: https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/blob/master/portal-impl/src/com/liferay/portlet/expando/service/impl/ExpandoValueLocalServiceImpl.java?source=cc#L542

      As far as I see, there's no code for any of the localized expando types like STRING_LOCALIZED.
      We've added some lines of code at this point, to handle it and the error is gone:

      else if(type == ExpandoColumnConstants.STRING_LOCALIZED) {
         String tmp = (String) data;
         if (!tmp.startsWith("{") && !tmp.endsWith("}")) {
            throw new PortalException("Localized Strings must begin with '{' and end with '}'");
         // remove curly braces
         tmp = tmp.trim().substring(1, ((String)data).length()-1);
         String[] splits = tmp.split(",");
         if (splits.length == 0) {
            throw new PortalException("Localized String too short");
         Map<Locale, String> vals = new HashMap<>();
         for (String part : splits) {
            String[] split = part.split("=");
            if (split.length == 0 || split.length > 2)
               throw new PortalException("Localized Part '"+part+"' not parseable");
            Locale locale = LocaleUtil.fromLanguageId(split[0]);
            if (split.length == 1) {
              vals.put(locale, "");
            } else {
              vals.put(locale, split[1]);

      I found LPS-42143, which seems to be pretty similar. It was fixed some weeks ago, but as this issue still appears in 6.2 EE with latest patches, I guess, it's not included in these patches but might be fixed already in some other way.


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