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Page revision workflow is not triggered when one edits web content




      When one has configured remote staging with page revisioning and has Kaleo Workflow applied, the Page Revision does not go through the workflow as intended.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Deploy Kaleo Workflow and Forms plugins.
      2. In Workflow Configuration, select Single Approver for Page Revision.
      3. Under Site Settings, enable Remote Staging and Page Versioning.
      4. Go to Staged site and add a Web Content Display portlet.
      5. Add Web Content.
      6. Submit for publication.
      7. Approve this page revision.
      8. Edit this same article and click Publish.

      Expected Result: This should go through the Page Revision workflow again.
      Actual Result: This edit does not go through the workflow.

      I have not been able to fully test in trunk because I have not been able to deploy kaleo. However, when editing a web content article in a web content display portlet the layoutRevision is not updated, so it exhibits the same behavior as in 6.1.x

      the layoutRevision should be updated whenever a change is made to the page: it is updated when selecting a different web content article to display, so it should also update on editing that article (the content is changing in both instances).




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