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Openers reference is stored only when the window is first created



      If you created a web content where the image is localized, you can add a new translation image at first. If you'd like to add another the Choose does not do anything and there is an error in the browser's console:

      Uncaught TypeError: Object [object global] has no method '_166_selectDocumentLibrary'

      possible root cause

      in util_window.js :
      the reference to the opener is only being stored when the window is first created, but on subsequent calls, it's using the cached value. So the bug is not local to the localization, it can emerged at every place where there are more pop-ups and we reopen a pop-up from different windows.

      steps to reproduce

      pre test steps
      1. Create a structure with a Document and Media type
        1. Admin => Content => Web Content => Manage => Structures => Add
        2. Name: test
        3. Drag and Drop "Document and Media" into the grey field
        4. Save
        5. Admin => Content => Web Content => Manage => Templates => Add
        6. Name: test
        7. Select Structure "test"
        8. Click on "Documents and Media" in "Fields"
        9. Save
      2. Upload some pictures
        1. Admin => Content => Documents and Media
        2. Add some pictures
      3. Put "Web Content Display" onto a page
      4. Add web content
      5. Select Structure "test"
      6. Select a picture from Document and Media
      7. Publish

      test steps

      1. hit return on the browser's address bar (if not do this, there will be remaining hidden iframe's in the HTML)
      2. Edit this web content
      3. Add a translation
        1. click on Add translation
        2. click on a language
        3. click on "select"
        4. click on a "Choose" button
        5. save
        6. publish
      4. Add a second translation with the steps above

      Expected behaviour

      You can choose another picture

      Experienced behaviour

      There is nothing happen when clicking on "Choose"
      Error message in console:
      Uncaught TypeError: Object [object global] has no method '_166_selectDocumentLibrary'


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