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Kaleo Workflow serviceContext variables ArticleURL and ArticleId are not available or accurate



      Issue: Kaleo Workflow Context Variables are not rendering as expected in notifications that are sent. Specifically, the issue is reported with regards to the variables that render the Article ID and Article URL in the notification sent for a specific piece of Web Content. The Article ID is left blank in the notification, and the URL takes him to a blank Web Content creation page. Below are the variables that cause the issue:

      #set ($jarticleId = $serviceContext.getAttribute("articleId"))
      #set ($jarticleUrl = $serviceContext.getAttribute("articleURL"))

      However, the Velocity Macro #set ($jarticleTitle = $serviceContext.getAttribute("title_en_US")) does work in rendering the title of the article.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Navigate to Control Panel > Workflow
      2. Select Upload Definition and upload the innovate-workflow attached to the ticket.
      3. Navigate to the Default Configurations tab on the Workflow page, and select "Innovate-Workflow" for Web Content Articles.
      4. Navigate to Roles and verify that the Site Roles Business Admin and Approver were created. If not, create those roles.
      5. Go to the Liferay Site -> Users, click on Site Memberships. Click on "Add Site Roles to", and add both Business Admin and Approver to your user.
      6. Set up the mail server under Control Panel > Server Administration
      You can deploy the attached dumbster.war as a dummy mail server. See the readme for simple instructions.
      7. Navigate to Sites > $SITE_NAME> Actions > Site Administration
      8. Create a New Web Content and submit it for publication

      Expected Result: The email returned has the Article ID and the URL for the Web Content article given.
      Actual Result: The email returned has the following content:

      You have a new submission waiting for your review in the workflow.
      Article ID:

      Note that the Article ID is blank and that the URL takes you to a Web Content creation page.


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