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Image Fields on WCM do not work properly



      1. Image fields do not render properly when added as nested of other fields.
      2. Image fields do not show the proper content when marked as repeatable
        1. The record is updated incorrectly with the wrong index

      For the first issue, it's reproducible by:

      1. Add a separator field
      2. Add an image field as nested of the separator created on step 1
      3. Mark the separator as repeatable
      4. Add 3 different images
      5. Click edit

      After 5 you will notice the content is different that you added.

      For the second issue, it's easier to see the issue by:

      1. Add a repeatable image field
      2. Upload 3 different images
      3. Click save
      4. Click edit
      5. Click on the 'x' of the second field
      6. Update the aricle
      7. Click edit again

      After 7, the user will see that the wrong field was removed.


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