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Changing locale in form builder disables only selected field properties



      When the location is changed during the creation of a DDM structure, only the selected field has the "Name" property disabled for edition.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Go to Site Administration > Content > Web Content
      2. Click on Manage > Structures
      3. Add a new structure
      4. In the form builder, drag two boolean fields to the right side
      5. Click on the first one and change the location
      6. Click on the second field and change the location back to the default one

      Expected result:

      • After 5, both fields would have the properties that are not localizable disabled for editing.
      • After 6, both fields would have all the properties enabled for editing again.

      Actual result:

      • After 5, only the first field have the "Name" property disabled, while others properties that are not localizable are still enabled. The second field has all the properties enabled.
      • After 6, the first field still have the "Name" property disabled.




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