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Change page type to Link to Page will hide child pages



      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Start Liferay 6.2 bundled with Tomcat
      2) Create a blank site called MySite
      3) Create a page called "Page1"
      4) Create another page called "Page2"
      5) On "Page2" create a child page called "Page2Child1"
      6) Still on "Page2" change its type to "Link to a Page of This Site"
      7) Check that the expansion minus icon was changed to represent a link page and that its child page is still visible
      8) Now go to another page, change the URL to "http://localhost:8080" to access the portal home page
      9) Access the "MySite" site
      10) Go to "Site pages" again
      11) The "Child" page is not visible anymore.

      Note 1: If you click the expansion minus icon before change the type to "Link to a Page of This Site", the problem will not happen.

      Note 2: If you create a child page in the "Page1" you will not be able to change its type to "Link to a Page of This Site", so it's not clear if you might create child pages on pages that is a "Link to a Page of This Site"




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