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CKEditor inserts <br> in Firefox and Internet Explorer



      Note, This ticket should not be tested with IE11.
      The symptom in IE11 is caused by lack of support, in general, for IE11 by CKEditor. This will be resolved by LPS-43852.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Add the Wiki Portlet to the page
      2. Click the This page is empty. Edit it to add some text. link.
      3. In the WYSIWYG view create:
        1. a header: Heading Single Line
        2. another header: Heading Multi Line. With a break using keys [Shift+Enter] between "Heading" & "Multi". So, Heading[Shift+Enter]Multi Line
        3. a paragraph: Paragraph single line.
        4. another paragraph like the header above: Paragraph[Shift+Enter]multi line.
      4. Click the Source button.

      Expected Result:

      = Heading Single Line =
      = Heading\\Multi Line =
      Paragraph single line.
      Paragraph\\multi line.

      Actual Result:

      = Heading Single Line\\ =
      = Heading\\Multi Line\\ =
      Paragraph single line.\\
      Paragraph\\multi line.\\

      Please use updated steps above, as the original description is confusing.

      1. Create new wiki page.
      2. Click source.
      3. See line break is created (the double back slash).

      Firefox, -IE
      1. Create new wiki page.
      2. Add a line of text. Set text to header format (find drop down menu, then change 'Normal' -> 'Header 1').
      3. Click source.
      4. See line break inserted in the header.

      Upon debugging, it appears CKEditor includes '<br>' in the text. Our Creole implementation replaces it with double back slash.

      Fixed on Chrome.


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