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Previous and next arrows in Blogs comments are not correctly displayed for RTL languages



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set the portal language to any RTL language (e.g. hebrew)
      2. Login as an Admin
      3. Add the Blogs portlet to a Page
      4. Create a new blog
      5. Add a comment
      6. Check the comments panel that is now displayed under the ratings. More specifically, check the arrow icon close to the next (הבא) and previous (קודם) labels.

      Expected behavior: The next label should be displayed on the left side and the previous label should be displayed on the right side. Their respective arrows should point opposite to the label.

      Current behavior: Labels are displayed in their correct positions, but arrows don't. The arrow close to next (הבא) points right when it should point left. And the arrow close to previous (קודם) is not even displayed (see attached screenshot)

      NOTE: This issue also affects to the RTL-hook for 6.2.x. Thus, the bug-fix should be backported to this plugin.


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