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On Firefox CKEditor generates an error when it loads


    • Fix Priority:
    • Browsers:
      Firefox 22, Firefox 23


      1. Add Asset Publisher to a page
      2. In the Asset Publisher portlet, add new Web Content

      Expected Result:
      No error occurs

      Actual Result:
      There is a javascript error when CKEditor loads, something like this:

      TypeError: Y.config.doc.defaultView is null [http://localhost:8080/html/js/aui/aui/aui.js?t=1393535698918:7396]

      The error can be seen using firebug. However, when this error shows up in an automated test it is displayed like this by default:

      Command failure "assertJavaScriptErrors": b is null
      Command duration or timeout: 231 milliseconds

      This error does not happen consistently, sometimes no error is generated. This error causes some automated tests to randomly fail. However, this error does not cause any loss of functionality to the user.