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Editing a folder which contains a document with a Document Type set in Global reverts the document back to Basic Document



      1. Go to Control Panel and from the Sites drop-down, select Global (see attached screenshot, this is a necessary step--also, bear in mind that staging is NOT enabled)
      2. From Global, go into Documents and Media > Manage > Document Types, then Add > Document Type. Name it "External Resource" with the following elements: External_URL (Text) and Require_Registration (Boolean)
      3. After the External Resource has been created in the Global scope, select the default site from the Sites dropdown) (i.e. Liferay)
      4. In the Liferay site, go to Documents and Media and create a New folder called "Product Sheets" in the root directory
      5. Go into the "Product Sheets" folder, and add a Document with the "External Resource" type, filling in External_URL and checking Require_Registration
      6. Click on the uploaded document, and verify that the Document Type is "External Resource"
      7. Go back to the root directory of Documents and Media, and edit the "Product Sheets" folder's Description leaving all of the other settings as default
      8. After saving these settings, go back to the "Product Sheet" folder, and examine the document

      Note: This also occurs with the default file entry types such as Contract.


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