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Document Versioning should take into account Categorization



      Issue: At this time, Liferay does not take Categorization into account in Document versioning. For instance, if Document A has two Document Versions, and the Categories related to the document were changed between version 1.0 and version 1.1, then this history is not recorded. Rather, only the text of the document is taken into account in the document version.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Navigate to Control Panel > Categories
      2) Create two Categories: "Cat1" and "Cat2"
      3) Navigate to Control Panel > Documents and Media Library
      4) Upload a New Document and give it the Category "Cat1"
      5) View the Article and note that it attributes to it category "Cat1"
      6) Select to "Edit" the Document
      7) When editing the Document, make sure to also add the Category "Cat2" to it.
      8) On the updated Document, select to "View" version 1.0 of the Document

      Result: It shows the Document as having both Categories Cat1 and Cat2, instead of displaying that version 1.0 only had Cat1 as a Category.




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