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Unable to re-order pages in site administration if the user is not the portal admin



      Unable to re-order pages in site administration if the user is not the portal admin. It works well for admin. Have not tested on latest trunk due to build issue, but the issue seems to be resolved in trunk already.

      Reproduction Steps
      1. Login as the default administrator.
      2. Create a new site.
      3. Add about 3 pages to the new site.
      4. As the adminiistrator, re-order the pages so that page 3 is first in the list and save.
      RESULT Re-ordering of pages works and changes are saved successfully.
      5. Add a test user to the site in either the Site Administrator or Site Owner role.
      6. Logout.
      7. Login as the test user.
      8. Navigate to the site and attempt to re-order the pages so that page 2 now appears list.
      Result The log files show that there was an error. Note that this error occurs when the drag and drop operation for the re-ordering is completed.
      If we click Load More Results, the same error occurs.

      Error and log
      [ERROR] [tomcat-http--13] [com.liferay.portal.struts.PortletRequestProcessor:?] Forward does not exist

      Expected behavior
      The order can be changed and saved successfully without no errors.


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