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The details of approved Kaleo Form entries are not displayable to the Reviewer who approved the same Form entry



      Issue: Once a reviewer approves a Kaleo Form, the reviewer is unable to view the approved form's details in the Kaleo Forms Portlet. Only the user who created the Kaleo Form entry is able to view the Form's details/attachments by navigating to "My Completed Requests." It would be nice if the Reviewer was able to review the same Kaleo Forms details

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create a Kaleo Form Process as User1 in the Kaleo Form portlet
      2. Create a second user and give him the Portal Content Review Role
      3. As the first user submit a Form under the Summary Tab.
      4. After creating the form, assign it to the second user
      5. As the second user, select the form and review its details. Then select "Approve"

      Result: Note that after approving the content, the second user can only view partial details by navigating to the "Processes" tab, and then selecting "View" for the Kaleo Form Process created in Step 1. However, the first user can view all the Kaleo Form details by selecting the created Form under "My Completed Requests"
      Desired Result" The second user is able to view the exact same Kaleo Form details as user 1 can under "My Completed Tasks"




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