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Post-Upgrade Activities portlet doesn't show document links



      The issue only occured in upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2.

      Replication instructions:
      1. Start 6.1.10
      2. Create Site, and add in Members
      3. Add Activites Portlet from Social Networking plugin to a page.
      4. Login as a member and add a document.

      Result: Activities portlet will show that a user has uploaded a document with the name of the document
      "Test Test uploaded a new document, Test Document.txt"

      "Test Document.txt" is a link to the file.

      5. Upgrade to 6.2(Master)
      6. View Activities portlet.

      Expected Result: Should be same as before.
      Customer's test result: "Test Test uploaded a new document"

      There is no link to the document that was uploaded previously.

      Root Cause
      Most of the activities in 6.1.10 were added without "extraData" field.
      6.2 uses the "extraData" field to create the link. All activities created by 6.2 add some data to "extraField"

      Check all activities. If the "extraData" field is empty, re-generate it field by fetching the Entity which the activity points to via <classNameId, classPK> and replicating the logic used by 6.2 to create the field value for that entity kind.
      "all activities" = activities that 6.1 could have created. Don't include activities that only 6.2 can create!


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