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Search portlet shows some web content in Asset Publisher



      search portlet creates links to found items. Some of the link goes to the original place of the content, some of the link shows the content in Asset Publisher, especially some web contents where the isPrivateLayout for the article and for the search portlet is different.
      (On 6.1.20 Asset Publisher comes up when search portlet and article is not on the same site.
      The [optional steps] are for testing this on 6.1.20)

      steps to reproduce

      set up environment
      1. create a blank site, named "test".
      2. Create a private page, named "private" on "test" site
      3. Create a public page, named "public" on "test" site
      4. Add a Search portlet to "private" page on "test" site
      5. Add a web content display to "private" page on "test" site
      6. Create a web content, title "private xxx", content: "private xxx"
      7. repeat steps 4-6 to "public" page and use word "public" instead "private"
      [optional steps, these for checking different sites. It is working on trunk]
      1. create a blank site, named "search"
      2. create a public/private pages on this
      3. add Search portlet to these pages
      1. use all the search portlets with word "xxx" and click on the links in the found-list.
        (or just hover the mouse over the links. If it is a simple link, it will go to other page. If it is a long link full of parameters, it will show content in Asset Publisher)

      expected behaviour

      The links should go to the original place of the content

      experienced behaviour

      Some links shows content in Asset Publisher, some goes to the original place

      • Asset publisher shows when search is on public page, content is on private page or vice versa
      • [NOT ON TRUNK] Asset publisher shows content when content is on different site than the search portlet

      root cause

      JournalArticleAssetRenderer.getURLViewInContext checks only one of private/public pages, not both and [NOT ON TRUNK] uses layout.getGroupId instead of _article.getGorupId and


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