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Select field cannot be empty in Custom Document Type



      We can not create a select field with empty option or empty value.

      steps to reproduce

      1. Start portal
      2. Navigate Control Panel > Documents and Media
      3. Click on Manage > Document Types
      4. Drag and drop a Select field to the Main Metadata Fields
      5. Configure this field
      6. It has 3 options, clear the first option's value or clear the first option's text
      7. click on save

      expected behaviour

      A select box with the first option's text empty or the first option's value empty

      experienced behaviour

      The option will be deleted

      root cause

      Alloy UI, aui-datatable-edit.js - saveOptions:

                 names.each(function(inputName, index) {
                          var name = inputName.val();
                          var value = values.item(index).val();
                          if (name && value) {
                              options[value] = name;

      See the if (name && value). So the value is stored in options[] only when value is not empty. It should be changed to name || value


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