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User can have site role without site membership



      There's two ways of adding site roles to the site members. One way is fixed, but the other still has the bug where site roles aren't being listed:

      This way does not work (notice step 6):
      1. Add a site (Control Panel>Sites)
      2. Add a Regular organization (Control Panel>Users and Organizations)
      3. Make organization a member of the site from Step 1 (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Add Members>Organization)
      4. Add a user (Control Panel> Users and Organizations)
      5. Make user a member of the organization from step 2. (Control Panel>Users and Organizations>Actions>Assign Users)
      6. At this point, you should see the user listed in site memberships for the site. Give site role to the user (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Add Site Roles to)
      7. Go to Control Panel>Users and Organizations. Find user created in step 4.
      8. Go to User>Actions>Edit>Roles. See that the role is not listed under Site Roles.

      Change the way you do step 6, which successfully results in the role being listed in User>Actions>Edit>Roles>Site Roles:
      Give a site role to the user (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Actions>Assign Site Role)

      The solution to this issue is similar to LPS-43591


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