There's two ways of adding site roles to the site members. One way is fixed, but the other still has the bug where site roles aren't being listed:

      This way does not work (notice step 6):
      1. Add a site (Control Panel>Sites)
      2. Add a Regular organization (Control Panel>Users and Organizations)
      3. Make organization a member of the site from Step 1 (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Add Members>Organization)
      4. Add a user (Control Panel> Users and Organizations)
      5. Make user a member of the organization from step 2. (Control Panel>Users and Organizations>Actions>Assign Users)
      6. At this point, you should see the user listed in site memberships for the site. Give site role to the user (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Add Site Roles to)
      7. Go to Control Panel>Users and Organizations. Find user created in step 4.
      8. Go to User>Actions>Edit>Roles. See that the role is not listed under Site Roles.

      Change the way you do step 6, which successfully results in the role being listed in User>Actions>Edit>Roles>Site Roles:
      Give a site role to the user (Control Panel>Site Memberships>Actions>Assign Site Role)

      The solution to this issue is similar to LPS-43591


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