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Assign Site Roles menu is available but Site Roles cannot be assigned



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login with OmniAdmin (test@liferay.com)
      2. Create a blank Site Role named e.g. "Site Administrator SG"
      3. Create a regular "Role" named "SiteMembershipManager" with the following permissions:
        • General Permissions -> Go to Control Panel
        • Sites -> Assign Members
      4. Create a new user e.g. "Manager"
        • Assign the user to the default "Liferay" site
        • Assign the "SiteMembershipManager" role to the user
      5. Login with "Manager" user
      6. Go to Control Panel -> Click the Site Name to get to the Site Membership
        Result: Assign Site Roles is available in the Actions menu next to the Users
        Expected: The Action buttons should be displayed if the user has Assign User Roles permissions on the Site

      Note: if you go to Actions -> Assign Site Roles next to a User, you cannot select any Site Roles because the roles are filtered because you don't have Assign Site Roles permission on the Site.


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