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As a system administrator I can change the default settings in properties a file and have it be applied everywhere except when the value had been explicitly set to something else



      Currently when a portal administrator changes any value in portal settings, a site administrator changes any value in site settings or a page administrator changes the configuration of a portlet, all of the settings are stored in the database, even those not modified. As a result when the system administrator changes the default value in portal.properties (or potentially other conf files) the change is not propagated as expected.

      A related use case is when the portal administrator changes in portal settings a value that could propagate as the default to site settings when the value was not explicitly overridden.

      With this change, the values will only be stored in the database when changed from the default. Additionally administrators will be provided with a way to reset the value to the default, which will delete the overriding value stored in the database.


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