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Staging; In the Publish to Live menu it will at first only show applications for the page the user started the process on



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a blank site with a Test Page
      2. Enable local live staging
      3. Add a few portlets to the Test Page
      4. Add a new Test Page 2
      5. In Test Page 2 click Staging > Publish to Live
      6. In the window assert none of the portlet Applications from Test Page display
      7. There is a workaround if you click Change > Public Pages, then the applications will appear

      Expected result:
      All the content and applications should display regardless of what page unless it is unchecked.

      Actual result:
      Only the applications located on the page the publish process was started from displays. In the case above no applications show up, but the content from Test Page does.

      Cannot reproduce in master due to LPS-46012.


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